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throw paint on the screen with your smartphone
we call it action painting deluxe

Multipainter Single painter

Optimized for chrome/safari and iPhone

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  1. 1. go to swajp.com/play on your smartphone
  2. 2. use the code to connect

Multipainter setup

  1. 1. go to swajp.com/play on your smartphone
  2. 2. use the code provided for each player to create a game
Phone 1 Multiplayer


Use the code to connect

Phone 2 Multiplayer


Use the code to connect


Painting finished

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About Swajp

To create Swajp we've used a lot of quite new HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. The communication between device and computer is done through Websockets, handled by a Node.js application on the server-side.

Animation of the colors on the handheld device is done by CSS3-transitions in order to get smooth animations which take advantage of the hardware acceleration.

To animate the colors towards the canvas a combination between CSS3-transitions and CSS3-animations is used. Your art on the canvas is fittingly enough rendered on the canvas-tag.

You need minimum iOS4 or Android 4 on your handheld device and supported browsers are currently only Safari 5+ and Google Chrome (latest version) due to different implementations of the Websocket-protocol in other browsers.


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Swajp manual

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Swajp manual

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